Ormen Lange
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Ormen Lange


Ormen Lange is the second largest gas field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and currently ranks as the largest development in the European offshore arena. The estimated recoverable gas reserves of the field are 375 billion scm (standard cubic metres). The anticipated annual production capacity of Ormen Lange is 20 billion scm. The Ormen Lange gas will be produced to meet gas specifications in the consumer market and will become a major supplier of gas to Europe in the next 20-30 years. Planned production start is October 2007.

The onshore facilities includes: Landfall for pipelines with shut-off valves and pig traps, slug catchers for removal of liquid slugs, processing plant for separation and treatment of condensate. Facilities for drying and compression of gas for export, glycol (anti-freeze) recovery, unit for fiscal measurement of gas, condensate storage in caverns. Jetty for loading of condensate. Utilities including air, water, heating unit, etc. and transformers. The archetectural design of the onshore plant consists of colour and material specifications, design of all concrete and steel buildings. Offices, workshops, laboratory and control room are located in the Administration Complex cloose to the plant.

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    ca, 20.000 m²

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    Norsk Hydro ASA